Stop Struggling and Write More Business

Learn how to grow a solid book of P&C business without buying leads or purchasing an existing book

4th Gen LLC

Four generations of knowledge, a new generation of understanding

About Me

Hi, I’m Cheryl Litvin. I am a fourth-generation independent insurance agent. I started my book of business from nothing, only emulating what my mother and father did 40 years ago. Guess what? It didn’t work and cost me a bunch of time, frustration and money. I had to find another way to organically grow my business. I hired many coaches but none of them knew the insurance business.

You do not have to struggle like I did.

I work with independent insurance agents to grow their book of business without buying leads or acquiring a retiring book of business.

12 Month Commitment

We will cover every aspect of being a sought after independent insurance agent.

Business Boosting Education.

Consistently make more money every month.

Work towards becoming a millionaire.

Create generational wealth.

Wherever you are in your career, we will meet you there.

“I want to compliment the rockstar Cheryl Litvin herself. This lady is a KICKA@# agent, that is for sure. She just knows her policy stuff so well and has a million great connections for when you need them. She even saved me with all this ice damning stuff, even when my homeowners isn’t with her company (yet!). I have such peace of mind working with her.”
“There is a tsunami of love and gratitude headed your way. Seriously, this experience has been so difficult for us on so many levels, some of which are still revealing themselves. And being able to talk with you, for him to hear your voice, has been a first step toward healing. It’s great to have an expert in our family of friends, and your gentle strength was the perfect medicine for him. Really. Thank you so so much.”

Is this You?

  • You are struggling to “make insurance work” but want to help people and love insurance.
  • You want to help people break out of the “lowest” price insurance mindset.
  • You want to earn more money doing what you love.
  • You are frustrated with the insurance industry and want to make a difference in client’s lives.
  • You want to be a trusted advisor for your clients, while creating impact in your community.

Our Mission

To teach independent agents how to grow their businesses and increase their earning potential.

We will show you how to earn more money every month — and build wealth over time.

And we don’t only teach you how to make more money…

We open the door for you to create your legacy. We give you the tools to transform your bank account, your community, and your future.